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The Story of the 1961 Havelock Bank Robbery

In a bold daylight heist on August 31, 1961, armed robbers made off with over $230,000 from the Toronto-Dominion Bank in the eastern Ontario village of Havelock. If not for a bit of bad luck, it would have been the “perfect crime.”

But things started to go wrong. A wild car chase along back roads in the rugged Canadian Shield bush country north of Havelock ended with the bandits fleeing into the woods on foot. After an intensive 96-hour manhunt, The Ontario Provincial Police, aided by local residents, rounded up the five suspects.

Nearly a 1/4 Million Dollars Still Hidden in Ontario Bush?

a picture of a bag of moneyBut where was the money? It had vanished! Not only that, the clever bandits had worn masks and gloves at the bank. Nobody could identify them, and there were no fingerprints. The chances of putting them behind bars seemed slim.

About the Book

In The Bad Luck Bank Robbers, Grace Barker takes us step by step through this audacious robbery and getaway scheme, the massive search that resulted in all five men being captured in the rugged country south of Bancroft, and the subsequent trial at which, unusually, the robbers were convicted entirely on circumstantial evidence.

About the Author

The Bad Luck Bank RobbersGrace Barker received an Ontario Heritage Foundation award in 1999 for her work in preserving, protecting and promoting the rich heritage of the province. Her book Timber Empire: The Exploits of the Entrepreneurial Boyds, now in its second edition, traces the nineteenth-century adventures of Trent Valley lumber baron Mossom Boyd and his sons. In The Bad Luck Bank Robbers, she brings the reader a detailed account of an intriguing drama that had never been told. Grace now resides in Campbellford, Ontario where she takes an active interest in her community and loves to walk her dog Ruby Tuesday in neighbouring Ferris Provincial Park.

The Bad Luck Bank Robbers by Grace Baker

The stolen money was never found and never entered circulation. Where is it? Maybe in this book you’ll find a clue that everyone else overlooked!


For an adventurous car trip, folks are purchasing the book and using the map to re-trace the robbers getaway!


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